Coastal Cities at Risk


CCARPH aims to produce inter-/transdisciplinary resilience research, science-informed, and gender-sensitive resilience plans, resilience action leaders, and public-private partnerships for resilience.

Through co-creation, co-management, and co-ownership in resilience-building by local and national governments, academic and scientific institutions, private sector, and stakeholders, coastal cities will be better equipped to prepare, adapt, and transform for a resilient future.

The project direct contributions on climate and disaster resilience in the Philippines are 1) Characterization of Hazards, 2) Assessment of Exposure, Vulnerability, and Capacity, 3) Enhancement of Climate and Disaster Risk Assessment, 4) Development of City Resilience Suite of Tools, 5) Training of Resilience Action Leaders, and 6) Strengthening of Public-Private partnerships in the country and the Asia-Pacific region.

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