Global Challenges Research Fund - Multi-Hazard & Resilient Vietnam and Philippines (GCRF MHRVP)


The team is led by Environmental Science faculty member Maria Aileen Leah G. Guzman, Ph.D., History Department faculty members Francis Gealogo, Ph.D. and Francis Navarro, Ph.D., ECCE faculty member Jose Claro N. Monje, M.Sc., as well as faculty members from the Queen Mary University in Edinburgh. The project’s initiative includes collaborative creative practices and activities intended to foster new ideas and establish understanding on each country’s living conditions.

A focus group discussion on the themes of resiliency and folklore with other Sandbox residency and grant applicants has been conducted, as well as a two-day workshop for intra-cultural and intercultural assessment of team members. The project has also produced an art publication in print and digital format.

Due to the pandemic, the opportunity for proper collaboration became a challenge, yet the team managed to accomplish further progress through virtual communication. Releasing the publication for general access is currently in development. The team also plans to mount an exhibit unveiling the communal experiences of London and Marikina residents, examining the unique living situations of coastal communities.