Math, Art, Culture and Creativity (MACC)


The MACC laboratory primarily features projects involving the applications and connections of mathematics in art, design or culture.

For several years now, one of the main problems being worked on by the lab members is the investigation of geometric and algebraic structures present in cultural ornaments and artwork of our Philippine indigenous communities. A current project is the analysis of designs and repeating patterns in Philippine baskets by symmetry groups; and the categorization of weave structures of the baskets (starting with the tri-axial weave structures) to allow for cataloging of isonemal fabrics. Another current project pertains to the anthropological research, technical characterization and replication of traditional Cordillera textiles through digital loom technology.

The lab is also involved in projects pertaining to the study and realization of discrete geometric objects such as tilings, polyhedra, polytopes etc. to model, and understand symmetry or the structural formation of crystalline materials.

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