Omehen: The Garden as Chronicle and Strategy of Resistance


We come together looking for experimental approaches to indigenous knowledge production involving art, nationhood, and social responsibility.

At the heart of our collaboration is the concern for the survival and preservation of the Lumad people’s way of life. As artist-educators, we aim to weaponize creativity against existing state- and corporate-sponsored violence towards Lumad communities.

Finally, we are curious about formal methodologies. Can performance serve as rehearsal for future societies? How can research – instead of being written, read, and consumed as literature – be performed as a subversive, ethical, and relevant medium for knowledge dissemination?

One of our possible projects include the creation of a “Celestial Garden” – establishment, maintenance, and live screening of a shared plot performance among Lumad communities, Ateneans, and the general public; Sandbox Zone as Tool Shed-Observatory-Exhibition; #GardenAsTheater #GardenAsSatellite #GardenAsAsylum #MakeshiftAgriculture

Curious about the Sandbox Projects?

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