Point of Care


Point of Care is a media interpreter and language conversion tool that aims to assist healthcare professionals in communicating with foreign-speaking patients. It is intended to address potential misinterpretation between doctor and patient, considering language barrier as main concern, which may lead to misdiagnosis especially when general translation apps are used such as Google Translate.

Developed by the team of Kevyn Yu, Ma. Lourdes Concepcion, Michael Garret Cootauco, Aika Misawa, Sophia Vivar, Jeremie Bartelheimer, and Paulo Valenciana, the device is designed to generate fast and accurate interpretation and is intended to benefit Overseas Filipino Workers and foreign travelers.

Through pilot testing and continuous development, Point of Care aims to serve as a sensible alternative to Google Translate and hopes to become the leading mobile medical interpretation app found online.

The tool has been used in 30 tests and continues to go through more for necessary upgrade and improvement. Inviting test subjects was a cause of concern, which has since been remedied by the Sandbox grant. Though the numerous trials can be considered a tedious task, substantial feedback has been obtained from it in terms of design and performance which led to the enhancement of the tool’s interface and operating system.

From June to August, testing and redesign will be concluded for the next cycle of the Sandbox Residency Program. Point of Care is currently at the prototype stage with a potential to develop into various devices.