Sustainable EcoTheater


The lead proponent of the research project is Christian Hereson R. Sandoval, a faculty member at the Ateneo Junior High School (Filipino Department), with Ma. Alta Gracia P. Cervo, Missy Alleah G. Darcen, Reese Collins H. Latonio, Arriane Gail L. Lopez, Arvie L. Santos from the University of the Philippines Diliman as the members.

The alarming amount of waste produced by various stages and departments of a theater production (such as costumes, set pieces, and promotional materials) became the pivotal motivation of this initiative. The project explores the incorporation of sustainable practices to theater operation by utilizing environmentally-sound materials-- providing longevity while decreasing expenditures. Based on these objectives, the group proposes an onsite and offsite production scheme, as well as scrap component and recyclable material utilization. Sustainable EcoTheater describes its approach as “...a process that is mindful of the impacts of the materials and resources we use to create artistic work, from beginning to end.” The team has reached out to community theaters for their participation and involvement.

To date, the Sustainable EcoTheater has produced model drafts of the props, costumes, and production set designs with Eljay Deldoc, an esteemed figure in Philippine theatre. A book of comprehensive information about the production, along with a manual of detailed guides, is also in development.