Tandang Tanda / Rooster Remembrance


The research project is headed by Alfred Marasigan from the Department of Fine Arts in Ateneo and consists of Arianna Mercado from Kiat Kiat Projects, Marc Wendolf Duque from Reboot Philippines, and Deirdre Camba from the University of the Philippines Diliman. Beyond the services, facilities, and resources provided by Sandbox, the team intends to maintain its collaboration with engineer Mario Raymundo of PAGASA’s Astronomical Observation and Time Service Unit.

Tandang Tanda considers the possibility of creating educational events, digital media, and conversations surrounding the subject matter. Questions such as ‘What alternative, empowering, and reparative ways can Philippine time be perceived?’ and ‘How can we think about time in our own terms as a culture?’ are explored.

Although minor concerns were encountered regarding timeframe of meetings and reimbursement, the team remains optimistic of the project’s direction continuously addressed through monthly assemblies and activities. Recently conducted events include a full interview with PAGASA chief Mario Raymundo, and a workshop on Lemon Clock/Potato Battery with fellow Ateneo Fine Arts students. Zoom workshops on sustainability and a seminar with the historic Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) Museum are also in development.