Telementoring Ultrasound - Innovation Research Group


The Innovation Research Group consists of Lead Proponent Reynan Hernandez MD, a faculty member of the Ateneo School of Medicine and Public Health (ASMPH); ASMPH faculty Florentina Abella-Villanueva MD; Airen Sigue MD, a resident at the St. Luke’s Medical Center; and ASMPH students Kate Wad-Asen, Jake Batuhan, Jeremie Bartelheimer, and Michael Cootauco.

Ultrasound machines have become more affordable, yet the number of trained operators remain insufficient. The research group initially assessed midwifery and medical students (first year to third year students) with no prior knowledge or experience administering obstetric ultrasound screening, whether they can perform telesonography while being mentored by a professional sonographer. The assessment will determine the possibility of training healthcare and medical workers through a mobile-based procedure.

The objective is to provide an alternative for certain cases when face-to-face communication is unsuitable, and potentially eliminate the need for in-person consultations. The proposed solution is telecommunication-- integrating technology with medical service to provide proper maternal care. The latest progress of the Innovation Research Group includes a partnership with the technology company Philips to acquire the brand’s Lumify ultrasound devices, and recruitment of a qualified radiologist capable of utilizing the specific technology. The team is also anticipating approval from the ASMPH to use the university’s resources and facilities, which includes the HANA obstetric model.