TRACES Asia operates a traceology lab for archaeological analysis, equipped with instruments for image capturing and archiving. The project has successfully conducted notable activities, including collaborations with the National Museum of the Philippines and the Institut Catholique d'arts et Métiers (ICAM) from the School of Social Sciences. Beyond its established projects, supplemental activities such as regular archaeology webinars and technological research on pre-historic replication are also considered.

Archaeological work, particularly in the field research and physical ethnographic study, was abruptly suspended due to the pandemic. Plans for resuming research are under way, particularly in the areas of Mindanao and Sulawesi with reported evidence of prehistoric artifacts. Plans for recording and cataloging Ateneo’s cultural history mapping, as well as a presentation of findings via an open-air museum, are being developed. Beyond Sandbox, TRACES Asia has also applied for a grant from the University Research Council for location expansion. Through substantial support, Sociology students of the Ateneo De Manila University are given the opportunity for fundamental training in Archaeology.