Urban Resilience Laboratory


The team hopes for their knowledge products to be a mobility model and a narrative of resilience for disadvantaged communities, similar to the projects created by PhilVocs-DOST and the Manila Observatory. Through Sandbox, CCARPH intends to explore potential experiments that will provide robust solutions to local communities at risk of catastrophic damage.

Currently, the project is established on the Enhanced Social Vulnerability Index Study (ESOVI) and is being undertaken by the collaboration between CCARPH and DSA-ASIA. The team has collaborated with the Manila Observatory, the Ateneo Innovation Center, the National Resilience Center, and the George Mason University in the U.S.

The recent pandemic yielded challenges in terms of communication and collaboration between organizations, particularly with foreign institutions. The project is anticipated to resume alongside George Mason University, a Systems Engineering Department, assigned to create an Agent-Based Model for earthquake evacuation with a focus on mega-cities. The Urban Resilience Laboratory, under the care of Sandbox and Arete, is optimistic on its objective of discovering new innovations concerning climate change from a resilience-based narrative.