USAID RenewHealth: Expanding Access to Community-based Drug Rehabilitation


Our goal is to help persons who use drugs (PWUDs), people in recovery, and their families obtain access to informal care, self-help pr community-based rehabilitation and recovery support to reduce or prevent drug dependence.

We look to improve healthy behaviors of PWUDs, their families and communities by providing technical support in the creation of evidence informed and culturally-appropriate social and behavior change (SBC) and Community-based Drug Rehabilitation (CBDR) interventions.

We hope to fortify the quality of patient-centered and compassionate CBDR by providing evidence-based tools or interventions that can build local capacities to implement CBDR services.

We will strengthen the policies and systems for sustainable CBDR by advocating for an enabling environment and contributing to the development of national and local policies to support the delivery of CBDR.

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