Interactive Design for Media and Arts Technologies with Nick Bryan-Kinns, PhD


How do you design experiences with technology? How do we create ways of interacting with technology that are fun, engaging, or thought-provoking? How do we use technologies in artistic and creative ways?

Dr. Nick Bryan-Kinns's research explores new approaches to the creation of interactive technologies for media and arts through interaction design techniques. He converses with Francesco Amante, a sound designer for games and a lecturer for Game Audio and Sound Art in Ateneo De Manila University.

Bryan-Kinns is a Reader in Interaction Design and Director of the EPSRC+AHRC Media and Arts Technology Center for Doctoral Training at Queen Mary, University of London.

This episode of Pocket Lectures is sponsored by Gazebo Royale. Pocket Lectures is a show on the Areté Podcasts Network, produced and recorded in Areté, Ateneo De Manila University.

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