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Areté supports collaborations that involve research, incorporate artistic processes and interventions, and engage communities outside the academic and artistic worlds.

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Through our Sandbox Residency Program, Areté offers groups of academics, artists, professionals, and students the financial resources and physical space to interact, exchange ideas, and work on projects that marry their interests towards a common goal.

Sandbox Co-Lab provides a co-working space and additional support to interdisciplinary groups with externally funded projects tackling urgent social and environmental issues.

An initiative of the Sandbox Programs to connect individuals from various disciplines and have them build ideas and address a problem area together.

Bridging Communities for Collaboration and Empowerment

Esteemed guests from The Asia Foundation (TAF), Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (CHD), and talented artisans from Sulu came together at Areté's Eduardo J Aboitiz Sandbox Zone for the Sandbox Soiree.

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ArchaeoBot: Application of Robotics and Machine Learning to Archaeology in Island Southeast Asia

ArchaeoBot aims to empower archaeologists with a state-of-the-art robot companion for fieldwork anywhere in the world, working to create a partnership between man and machine to push the boundaries of archaeological exploration.

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Blue Map: A Blue Carbon Restoration Database to Combat Climate Change

The Blue Map project seeks to expand their research on restoration and rehabilitation of Blue Carbon (BC) ecosystems to create a public and readily accessible geo-spatial tol and chart a course towards a more sustainable environment

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Fluffy Fiends: A Foray Into Fungal Foes Affecting Art

Fluffy Fiends aims to identify the kinds of molds found in a variety of pigments and materials of an assigned art collection. The merging of scientific practice and collections management hopes to look into the relationship between the kind of mold, its growth, and the conditions that they grow in.

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Jungle Gym Play Laboratory: Laro, Lingap, Laya - Workshops to Rewild the Theater

By conceptualizing, playtesting, and facilitating theater workshops into live festival while engaging in challenging discussions, the Jungle Gym Play Laboratory aims to pave the way for a more inclusive and ethical future for Philippine theater.

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Math, Arts, Culture and Creativity (MACC): Crystallographic Symmetries in Repeating Patterns in the Klein Bottle and Tboli Baskets

The MACC team seeks to break down barriers between art and symmetry structures by demonstrating how mathematics can inspire artistic expression, inform scientific understanding, and enrish cultural traditions.

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The AdMU Soundscapes Project

The AdMU Soundscapes Project aims to capture and present Ateneo's unique natural melodies, highlighting both familiar and subtle elements before remixing the sounds into works of art.

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Webbing the Dance: Open Educational Resource for Dance Studies in the Philippines

The Webbing the Dance project proposes to create a digital archive of the most prolific writer and historian for Philippine Dance studies, Professor Emeritus Basilio Esteban Villaruz,as they spotlight his significant contributions to dance history, criticism, and modern practice.

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The groundbreaking web application iska.ph aims to revolutionize education in the Philippines by addressing record-keeping and data management challenges faced by teachers and administrative offices.

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Patch: Engaging Communities in Circular Fashion Through Tech-Driven Interventions

Over the past decade, the global fashion industry has shown promise but not without significant tradeoffs. The carbon footprint of fashion surpasses that of all flights and shipping combined. In the Philippines, garment imports are rising, yet more clothing is being discarded after just one use.

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Mindmerge: Playscapes for All Minds

In the Philippines, educating neurodivergent children, especially those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), faces a dual challenge. Firstly, societal taboos and a lack of understanding about disabilities make it hard for parents to seek help or diagnosis for their children.

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