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Areté’s Sandbox Programs are intended to generate innovative and creative solutions. We find that these types of solutions often emerge from interdisciplinary conversations, when proponents explore a common problem space from their respective disciplinary lenses.

Photo from the Global Challenges Research Fund – Multi-Hazard & Resilient Vietnam and Philippines (GCRF MHRVP)

Photo from the Telementoring Ultrasound - Innovation Research Group

Photo from the Sustainable EcoTheater group

Photo from the Tandang Tanda / Rooster Remembrance group

Photo from the TRACES Asia group

Through our Sandbox Residency Program, Areté offers groups of academics, artists, professionals, and students the financial resources and physical space to interact, exchange ideas, and work on projects that marry their interests towards a common goal.

Sandbox Co-Lab provides a co-working space and additional support to interdisciplinary groups with externally funded projects tackling urgent social and environmental issues.

An initiative of the Sandbox Programs to connect individuals from various disciplines and have them build ideas and address a problem area together.

Meet the Residents

Point of Care

Point of Care is a media interpreter and language conversion tool that aims to assist healthcare professionals in communicating with foreign-speaking patients. It is intended to address potential misinterpretation between doctor and patient, considering language barrier as main concern, which may lead to misdiagnosis especially when general translation apps are used such as Google Translate.

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Telementoring Ultrasound - Innovation Research Group

The Telementoring Ultrasound, created by the Innovation Research Group, is described as a mobile-based Obstetric Tele-mentored Ultrasound performed by Filipino medical and midwifery students. The project aims to address concerns of inaccessible healthcare and ultrasound services for rural residents and depressed communities. Through technology, the Innovation Research Group intends to bring medical assistance closer to the patient.

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Tandang Tanda / Rooster Remembrance

Tandang Tanda is an interdisciplinary research project centered around the perspective of a domestic fowl. Inspired by chickens found in the observatory of the Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (PAGASA), the project aims to explore the timekeeping practices of early Filipinos based on research found in Mathematical Ideas in Early Philippine Society by historian Ricardo Manapat, along with PAGASA’s Time Service Unit, and the unexplored gap between the two subjects. Beyond applied research, the project intends to be experimental in nature in terms of understanding time as a conceptual framework and a working instrument.

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Sustainable EcoTheater

The current global issue of climate change prompted various industries to consider pursuing sustainable strategies. The Sustainable EcoTheater project aims to reduce waste and energy consumption of theatre productions, both in the pre- and post-production stages.

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TRACES Asia is an initiative of the Ateneo de Manila’s sociological and anthropological community and is the university’s latest archaeological research project. Described as Areté’s “deep time archaeological collaboratory” and “cultural resource management space”, TRACES Asia aims to pursue and develop knowledge on archeological research and exploration. Headed by Dr. Alfred Pawlik, Dr. Jose Jowel P. Canuday, Dr. Czarina A. Saloma-Akpedonu, and Dr. Riczar B. Fuentes, faculty members of the Loyola Schools Department of Sociology and Anthropology under the School of Social Sciences, the project has attained numerous achievements under the support of the Sandbox program.

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Global Challenges Research Fund - Multi-Hazard & Resilient Vietnam and Philippines (GCRF MHRVP)

Extreme flooding during monsoon season is a major concern in the Philippines, similarly experienced by other countries such as the UK and Vietnam. The team conducted interviews with locals, as well as in Vietnam and Scotland, regarding the subject matter and has obtained five instances on its significant effects. The Global Challenges Research Fund aims to utilize arts-based research in order to connect diverse communities and share perspectives about a mutual environmental concern.

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Urban Resilience Laboratory

Coming from Coastal Cities at Risk in the Philippines (CCARPH), a Sandbox Co-Lab team, the Urban Resilience Laboratory is a project that seeks a different method of managing disaster risks in the Global South. Described as a “problem-focused, solutions-driven with a systems-thinking lens” approach, the program is focused on technology-based solutions intersecting with the arts and humanities.

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Mathematics, Art, Culture, and Creativity (MACC)

MACC is a project on the exploration of diverse fields: mathematics and indigenous art, and the parallel concepts between the two disciplines. Philippine textile is a distinct example, with its repetitive patterns and purposeful symmetry. The team also drafted a research paper titled ‘Layer Groups associated to Batak Waves’, in reference to Batak baskets and its demonstration of symmetrical framework as an illustrative example. Upon completion, the paper will be submitted to the Scopus Journal with prospect of publication.

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