The Creativity and Innovation Hub of Ateneo de Manila University

We provide support, programming, and space for different minds, talents, and expressions to meet, solve problems together, and make knowledge and solutions accessible to the public.

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In times of uncertainty, we find solace in each other, and turn to places online that allow us to learn, move, and interact remotely. We are proud to present Areté Connect: an online portal where you can access our programs no matter where you are.

What is Areté?

Areté provides the space and freedom for groups from different fields and persuasions to create, collaborate on, and share knowledge, skills, and practices.

A Generative Space

Our complex features theaters, art galleries, studios, laboratories, a makerspace, teaching and meeting rooms, and several open areas.

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A Supportive Community

Using these facilities enables us to host, support, and connect academics, artists, professionals, and leaders of different talents and interests whose exchanges, we hope, will spur the kind of creativity and innovation that creates unforeseen paths and betters our communities.

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An Evolving Concept

Areté is thus betting on the desire of a growing many, coming together to impart and to learn, to be inspired and to be challenged, to focus but still to wander in all that could be done as a collective concerned with what is possible.

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Listen to experts across various fields talk about their area of research.

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Pocket Lectures

Listen to experts across various fields talk about their area of research. Pocket Lectures is a series where each episode is a public lecture you can listen to anytime, anywhere.

In Conversation With

In Conversation With features authors discussing their work, process, and practice. It is produced in collaboration with Kritika Kultura and the Department of Fine Arts’ BFA Creative Writing program, recorded in the Emmanuel Torres Literary Arts Room.