Modern Activism


What new types of activism are we seeing even while under quarantine? And how does today’s digital activism stack up to protests on the ground?

In this episode, we listen to stories of individuals whose activism is ignited by their rage and frustration with the state of the nation, but it is also fueled by hope and love for our country and its people.

We speak to actress Ria Atayde, whose career began with ABS-CBN, about the value of speaking up and influencing our circles to do the same, and then we talk to Katrina Stuart Santiago of about the necessary struggles of nation building. Between these interviews, you'll also hear briefly from political satirists and online personalities Macoy Dubs aka Auntie Julie and Dora Dorado about their stories of modern activism.

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This episode is brought to you by Areté, the creativity and innovation hub of Ateneo De Manila University. It was co-produced by MUNI and Areté, hosted and written by Jen Horn and Ayen dela Torre, edited by Francesco Amante, with music by Diego Mapa of and album art by Lazir Caluya.

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