Post-Haiyan Ecologies: A Roundtable Discussion on the 10th Anniversary of Typhoon Haiyan


Oct 9, 2023, 3:00-6:00pm


The Loft


Ten years after Typhoon Haiyan, locally named Yolanda, ravaged Eastern Visayas, discourses on disaster, trauma, and the environment have pervaded literary and cultural production in the region. These productions have explored the intersections of human experience, artistic experimentation, and scholarly practice. The works that came out in the wake of Haiyan attest to the emergent signifying practices of a people making sense of a calamity of such magnitude.

But what have these (re)productions advanced so far in terms of articulating multispecies-environment relations, climate justice, and communal healing in the Anthropocene?

The idea of “post-Haiyan” was primarily articulated by Waray poet and scholar Antonino Salvador de Veyra to describe a poetic movement within the region that grapples with the incomprehensibility of a trauma and the demanding task of working-through. The marking “post” does not merely categorize subjectivities, trauma, and narratives within a historical time frame but rather generates a temporal succession and consciousness that struggle with the shadows of a catastrophe.

This roundtable discussion deploys disciplines such as, but not limited to, memory and trauma studies, disaster politics, narratology, and environmental humanities—all of which inaugurate an interpretative moment that gestures toward resilience and responds to the urgency of climate change. The roundtable thus aims to gather interdisciplinary and self-reflexive accounts of the last ten years after Typhoon Haiyan within and beyond the Philippines.

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