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The Magisterial Lecture series is a collection of selected talks from Ateneo classes, delivered by some of the University’s most respected faculty members. They are produced and shared for the benefit of learners everywhere. It is an Areté Production done in partnership with The Department of Communication, Loyola Schools and the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Center for Multimedia Communication.

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Ang Paglalakbay ng Sansinukob sa Buhay ng Tao: Patungo sa Isang Etikang Pangkapaligiran

Rainier A Ibana, PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Ibana discusses Fr. Norris Clarke, SJ's teachings on humanity's ability to form abstract ideas and the value of adding an environmental dimension to the discourse on ethics.

The Climate Emergency: A Social Justice and Human Rights Approach

Antonio G. M. La Viña, JSD

Dr. Tony La Viña delivers a sobering lecture on the worsening impacts of climate change as well as solutions and suggestions that are effective if applied through a social justice and human rights framework.

Beyond Survival: City Resilience From A Systems Perspective

Charlotte Kendra Gotangco Gonzales, PhD

Does survival imply resilience? In this lecture, Dr. Kendra analyzes the Filipinos' response to disasters using the principles of systems thinking.

Urban Economic Analysis and Management

Victor S Venida, PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Venida offers a starting point in making cities more inclusive through central urban planning and management.

Of Carabaos and Communion: Understanding Sacraments

Raymond B Aguas, PhD

Dr. Ray Aguas offers several thought-provoking situations to explain what religious sacraments are, how they work, and why we do them.

Is Democracy The Solution or The Problem?

Carmel “Melay” V. Abao

In this lecture, Dr. Abao attempts to answer this question: Is democracy really the solution to societal ills or is it part of the problem?

Demanding A Place in The City: From Squatter to Informal Settler to Homeowner

Mary Racelis, PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Racelis tackles the issues that vulnerable people living in informal settlements endure and adapt to in order to gain a foothold in a city and maintain hope.

Finding the Prehispanic Filipino Woman

Olivia Anne M. Habana, Ph.D

In this lecture, Dr. Habana dives into unlikely sources for a look into Filipino women's lives in the early days of Spanish colonization.

Nutrition and Education: A Response to the Hunger Crisis Among Filipino School Children

Carmela C Oracion EdD

Dr. Oracion discusses how nutrition plays a critical role in a child's future, and the issues that arise from chronic hunger and food insecurity.

Beyond the Font and Logo: What Design Can Do in This Age of Polarity

Smile Indias

Smile talks about Human-Centered Design, and the power of situating people and stakeholders at the core of the design process.

Deeper Into Scripture

Fr. Francis D Alvarez, SJ

Fr Francis talks about the many ways to read scripture, and how to open oneself up to a deeper reading of sacred text.

Parenting for Violence Prevention and Sustainable Development

Liane Peña Alampay, PhD

Dr. Alampay discusses how child maltreatment, and by implication parenting, are global public health issues.

Brand Positioning

Matec D. Villanueva

In this lecture, Ma'am Matec discusses effective brand positioning, and how it can be used to create a successful brand that is relevant to consumers.

Strive 拼

Daisy C. See

In this lecture entitled Strive 拼, Daisy C. See discusses the importance of IQ (intelligence quotient), EQ (emotional quotient), and DQ (digital quotient).

Political Psychology of Active Non-Violence

Cristina J Montiel PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Montiel discusses active non-violence, and strategies for non-violent interventions.

On The Teaching of Poetry

Rica Bolipata-Santos PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Rica discusses poetry, teaching poetry, and creative writing.

Building Resilience

Ma. Regina M Hechanova PhD RPsy

Is resilience innate, or is it learned? In this lecture, Dr. Hechanova discusses enabling resilience from a psychological perspective

Liberating Ourselves From The Past

Ambeth Ocampo

In this lecture, Ambeth Ocampo sheds light on the Magellan and Lapu-Lapu of collective Philippine imagination, and discusses how history can be used as a tool for both inclusion and exclusion.

Explorations on Nature, Art, and Spirituality

Fr Jason Dy SJ

In this lecture, Fr. Jason shares his personal explorations on the intersection of nature, art, and spirituality.

Pagmamahal sa Bayan sa Mundong VUCA

Helen U Amante

In this lecture, Dr. Amante asks the question: how do you teach students about patriotism during VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous) times? She provides educators steps on how to navigate and process times of crisis with students.

Theater, Trauma, and the Rehearsal to Recovery

Missy Maramara

Using theoretical concepts, Missy talks about the ways that theater provides a platform for healing.

Tao at Tauhan sa Kwento

Allan Derain

In this lecture, Dr. Derain discusses characters in fictional stories, and how an author's humanity plays a part in the creative writing process.

Unlocking the Power of the Franchising Format: Choosing the Right Franchisor

Rodolfo P Ang

Drawing from almost 30 years of experience, Sir Rudy Ang shares what the first steps of getting into the franchising business are.

What is Art? Is art useful in a pandemic?

René B Javellana SJ

In this lecture, Fr. Javellana teaches us how to read a painting, Pieter Bruegel's Dull Griet (Mad Meg). He discusses how artistic expression arises from human experience, and how it can help us make sense of the world's madness.

Doon Po Sa Amin: Ang Bisa ng Awit Bilang Isang Tula

Michael M Coroza PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Coroza talks about song (awit), and its historical and current significance in Philippine oral tradition.

Perspectives on Development

Benjamin T Tolosa

In this two-part lecture, Dr. Tolosa shares perspectives which have emerged from the field of development studies and development economics.

Self-Care: How to Deal with Stress

Fr Roger Champoux SJ

In this lecture, Fr. Roger gives us a nuanced take on stress, and how humans react to it.

Mga Tagông Detalye sa Noli Me Tángere

Paolo Ven B Paculan

In this lecture, Ser Pao parses through Jose Rizal's revolutionary text and points out "easter eggs" and lesser-known allegories in Noli Me Tángere.

Science Communication: It’s More Complex Than Simply Simplifying

Inez Ponce De Leon

In this lecture, Ma'am Inez talks about the value of science communication and translating facts and data into meaningful information.

Kapal ng Mukha, Kapalpakan, at Iba Pang Salik ng Kabibuhan

Ronan B Capinding

In this lecture, Sir Ron observes how students become more guarded and lose enthusiasm in learning Filipino as they reach higher grade levels. He then explores how this is connected to fear of failure, shame, and suggests how teachers can approach this problem.

Weaving Mathematics

Ma. Louise Antoinette N. De Las Peñas PhD

In this lecture, Dr. De las Peñas talks about the intersection of mathematics and Philippine indigenous weaving.

Demography and Human Capital: Why Education Matters

Ricardo Abad

In this lecture, Dr. Abad discusses demography and human capital, looking at how education affects a country's population growth and overall resiliency.

The Enlightenment: Still Burning Bright

Fernando N Zialcita, PhD

In this lecture, Doc Zialcita talks about the European Age of Enlightenment, how it came to the Philippines, and how it is still relevant today.

The Limits of Machine Learning

Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo

In this lecture, Dr. Rodrigo discusses how machine-learned models are constrained by the data on which they are based and by the human beings who control them.

Ethics from a Feminist Perspective

Jean Emily P Tan PhD

In this two-part lecture, Doc Jean discusses Philosophy from the lens of a meta-ethical feminist critique.

Self-Healing in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Francisco V. Navarro MD

In this lecture, Dr. Navarro talks about the foundational concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Eastern perspectives on science and the human body. Sharing his experience as a medical doctor, he recommends ways to help us understand and maintain our health.

Deontology and Business Ethics

Oscar Bulaong

In the first lecture, Dr. Bulaong discusses Deontology, and the crisis of truth-telling. In his second lecture, he offers insights on how to reconcile business and ethics.

Science and Religion With Jovino G Miroy PhD

Jovino G Miroy PhD

In this lecture, Dr. Miroy talks about the relationship of science and religion.

Husserl’s Phenomenological Method and Ethics of Buddhism with Manny Dy

Manny Dy

In these two lectures, Manny Dy discusses Husserl's Phenomenological Method and the ethics of buddhism.

Tools for Ethical Decision Making and Doing Philosophy

Dr. Antonette Palma-Angeles

In this lecture, Dr. Angeles poses an ideal method for decision making when we are faced with an ethical dilemma.

On Journeys and Crossroads

Roberto Conrado Guevara, PhD

In Part 1 of this lecture, Bobby Guev discusses the Exodus narratives and draws parallels between the plight of the enslaved Israelites in the story and the realities of our present day. In Part 2, he delves deeper into the concept of 'fear' in the context of the story and the state of our country today.

The Necessity of Atheism

Dr. Guss Rodriguez

In this lecture, Doc Guss discusses atheism from a philosophical perspective: tracing its origins and explaining how humans came to embrace it as a response to the absurdity of their own existence (don't worry, it isn't as bad as it sounds). He then poses the question—is the 'atheist' human truly flourishing?

Living with Technology in a VUCA world

Dr. Assunta Cuyegkeng

The Magisterial Lecture series is a collection of selected talks from Ateneo classes, delivered by some of the University’s most respected faculty members. They are produced and shared for the benefit of learners everywhere. Magisterial Lectures will be available on Arete’s YouTube channel for free.

Usapang Tapat: Tungo sa Isang Katutubong Etika

Dr. Remmon E. Barbaza

In this lecture, Dr. Barbaza discusses ethics and language, using the Filipino word ‘tapat’ and its various meanings as case study.

The Pope, The Poor, The Planet

Fr Jose Ramon T Villarin, SJ

In the newest Magisterial Lecture Series episode, Fr. Jett discusses the complex nature of environmental issues, focusing on climate change as an example, the need to shift to a more integral ecology, and what we need to do as a community and as individuals.

The Origin of the Universe: A Vast and Expanding Universe

Fr Bienvenido F. Nebres S.J

In this video, Fr. Ben delivers a lecture for the course entitled Science, Technology, and Society (STS 10) about the beginnings of our universe: from the big bang, to now.

Tao po! Tuloy! Halina sa Loob ng Tao

Fr. Bert Alejo

Fr. Albert Alejo, SJ also known as Paring Bert is a Filipino Jesuit priest who worked with trade unions and informal labour groups in Manila before earning a doctorate degree in anthropology at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London.