Virtual Programs

Our on-site programs are now accessible online, for free. Learn crafts through Arete Makerspace, and move with Arete in Motion. These are open-level classes that can be practiced by anyone, in a setting that suits you the best. These will be published on Arete’s YouTube channel so it can be accessed anytime.

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Basic Paper Cutting

Mansy Abesamis

Paper cutting plays with positive and negative space to create a whole piece. Mansy Abesamis is a paper cut artist who will help you practice the basics of paper cutting.

Ballet Arms

Issa Mijares

Learn about the different arm positions of Classical Ballet and workout your arms at the same time.

CADS X Areté House with Gio Buencamino

Gio Buencamino

CADS x Areté Jazz with Wreece Ching

Wreece Ching

This intermediate jazz choreography class focuses on rhythm and performance. Please be sure to warm up properly before starting the class.

Slider Routine with Paul Puertollano

Paul Puertollano

A 12-minute slider routine that you can do at home. If you do not own sliders at home, you can create them out of recycled cardboard!

Wall Sit Routine with Paul Puertollano

Paul Puertollano

A 10-minute wall sit routine that you can follow at home. No equipment needed!

Core Routine with Paul Puertollano

Paul Puertollano

A 6-minute core routine that you can follow at home. No equipment needed!

Street Dance with Reflex Gotangco

Reflex Gotangco

This class is a basic/intermediate street dance choreography. It teaches a short and simple routine for everyone to enjoy and perform at home.

Yoga for Everyone: Seated and Supine Twists with April Secson

April Secson

Take time to recalibrate with a set of gentle mobility and flexibility exercises. Accessible to all fitness levels, this half-hour session can turn into a post-workout cooldown, if not an everyday routine to get rid of aches and pains with. Remember to move with the breath through the exercises, using deep breathing to calm both the body and mind.

CADS X Areté Popping with Mike Perfecto

Michael Perfecto

This class focuses on the very basics of popping. You will learn a 16-count sequence and the goal is to master the technique that is learned there. This is a class made for those who have never danced this style or any style.

CADs X Areté Contemporary Basics

Nicole Paredes

A beginner’s technique class that focuses on the basic steps and foundations of contemporary dance. This class is a collaboration between the Company of Ateneo Dancers and Arete.

Seated Stretch

Issa Mijares

Sitting still for long hours is among the worst things you can do for your body. This 10-minute seated stretch series is intended to guide you through a simple routine that you can do in the office or at home.