Our Way Forward

A series of analyses, speculations, and projections on the ways that the COVID crisis will shape our future, and the resilient systems we should build in its aftermath.

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Ang Liwanag at Dilim ni Emilio Jacinto

Francis A. Gealogo, PhD

In this video, Dr. Gealogo reads excerpts from Emilio Jacinto's Liwanag at Dilim. He provides an analysis of the text, and interprets Jacinto's challenge to leaders of the Philippines in our current context.

Political Empowerment as Protection: The Way Forward for Filipino Domestic Workers in the Time of COVID-19

Working Group on Migration (WGM)

Social media has recently been bursting with positive messages about “enjoying being stuck at home” during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Transitional Justice and Eroded Institutions

Marian Pastor Roces

A culture of fairness and justice is constructed, cultivated, and, when necessary, fought for. It never comes as a matter of course.

Indigenous People's Education During COVID-19: An Environmentalist's Perspective

Nina R. Ingle, Ph.D.

Like many people, I am fearful of the pandemic—especially for the Indigenous Peoples (IPs) with whom I work. I have long valued the IPs’ intimate relationship with the natural environment and expertise on the identification and ecology of plants and animals.

Of Black Swans and Gray Rhinos

Debbie Tan

I work in risk management; to be more specific, a rather specialized field known as enterprise risk management (ERM). ERM provides a framework and process for risks to be articulated and assessed in a strategic context so that entities can make well-informed decisions.

The Health System Reboot

Norman Dennis E. Marquez, MD

The Health System Reboot is a three-part series that situates our health system in the Covid-19 pandemic. Each episode presents components of the health system that are described and evaluated using the social determinants of the health framework. Representative human resources for health on the ground share the challenges that they face in this pandemic.

What Does It Mean To Be 'Church' Today

Jayeel Cornelio, PhD

What does it mean to be Church today? The answer, argues Dr Cornelio, lies in recognizing the new normal for what it really is.

Mobility and the Future of the City

Remmon E. Barbaza

Sure, the early bird catches the worm. But first, there must be some worms out there somewhere. Worms themselves will not crawl towards the birds, and especially if they knew they would only be eaten. The birds themselves must work on it, at least the adults among them. They all need to work for it, lest they have nothing to eat.

After Lockdown: Perspectives from the Medical Field

Angeles T. Alora, MD

The announcement from the Philippine government easing quarantine restrictions in the Philippines has left many of us with questions. “How will my life change after the lockdown? Will it be safe to go outside? How do I stay safe and protect those I love? What if a second surge occurs?” We are anxious, confused, and hungry for certainty.

Gamify Your Work

Octopus and Whale

Without knowing it, life has become pervasively gamified: points, levels, achievements and bonuses are no longer confined within the borders of a screen. Gamification isn’t just playing video games (though the rewards that we reap from playing them are infinite.) It’s about applying the systems that make them so powerfully engaging — in the academe, in the workplace and everywhere else in life.

A Brand New Perspective for our Brave New World

Alexi Chingcuangco

2020 never looked so bright compared to the year of political strife which preceded it.

Gaming: Creating New Realities in a Post-COVID World

Clifford Lim

There’s a palpable sense of gratefulness in the gaming industry. Whenever I have a vidcon with colleagues or partners, we always muse how we’re lucky to work in a sector that's still able to serve our communities and provide happiness through the crisis.

"Ang Nakikita kong Bukas" Mula sa Mata ng ating mga Bata

Robyn Jereza

Ako si Teacher Robyn, isa sa mga guro ng AHA Learning Center. Sa tema ng “Our Way Forward,” sa tingin ko hindi dapat ako ang sasagot ng tanong na ito. Bilang isang guro, bilang isang Atenista, hindi na ata kailangan na marinig ang tinig ko ukol sa tingin ko na mangyayari sa atin, sa ating sarili, sa ating komunidad, sa ating bansa at mundo.

On Youth Engagement and Citizenship

Smile Indias

Siguro pinakamadaling simulan ang sanaysay na ito sa isang pagpapakilala.

Media – Disruption, Dynamism and New Directions

Venus R. Navalta

There is no denying the defining quality of the disruption that is Covid-19. It has affected everyone across the globe. The media ecosystem is one of the most affected: conventional roles of content, channels, consumers, communities, commerce and context are all in flux; transforming and pivoting.

Innovating Models for Business Continuity

RJ Ledesma

With the pandemic’s new normal challenging our local entrepreneurship scene, emerging business models become necessary moving forward.

No More Compromises: Environmental Advocacy After COVID-19

Dr. Tony La Viña

The coronavirus pandemic is an outcome of ecological irresponsibility. This happened because we have failed as a world and as humanity to be good stewards of our planet and of each other.

The Quarantine Connection: Gaming and Social Bonds

Marco De Santos

What does a gamer look like? An anti-social teen-aged boy or girl, hunched over a laptop, headphones on, focused on the screen

Flattening the TV Curve: A Media Researcher’s Insights on the ABS-CBN Shutdown

Jay Bautista

1953 — The Filipino love affair with television began when Alto Broadcasting System (now known as ABS-CBN) breathed image and sound to dozens of black boxes across the city, to the delight of citizens.

Musings and Museums on The "New Normal"

Boots Herrera

The current global health crisis has focused attention on basic and day-to-day survival needs especially for marginalized communities, many of whom are daily wage earners. Beyond physical needs, psychological and emotional wellness must also be managed.

COVID19 New Ways of Working: The Distributed Workplace

William Emmanuel S. Yu

These are indeed interesting times.

Online Learning in the time of COVID19: A Computer Science Educator’s Point of View

William Emmanuel S. Yu

I am a faculty member of the Ateneo de Manila University. As part of the Department of Information Systems and Computer Science, I teach subjects in fields of data networking, big data processing, operating systems, and systems administration.

Stepping Down From Our Proverbial Treadmills

Jose Antonio P. Salvador

When the national government called for a premature closure of all Basic Educational schools, we were already at the tail end of the last semester.

Physical Fitness in a Time of Isolation

Walter Francis Torres

The Covid-19 experience has limited, if not restricted, people’s access to physical activity and exercise.

COVID-19 and its Effects on the Supply Chains in the Philippines

Vicente Reventar

The Philippines has learned to be resilient in times of disasters (typhoons, massive floods, even earthquakes and volcano eruptions) but nothing prepared the country for the effects of this COVID-19 global pandemic.

Arresting the Impact of COVID-19 on the PH Economy

The negative impact of the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) will be substantial considering that significant segments of the economy are going to stop.

Special Programs Needed for the Elderly and Elderly Households during the Enhanced Community Quarantine

Special programs are needed to help the elderly and elderly households during this period of enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) in Luzon.

Paano Na Sila? Fighting COVID-19 and food insecurity

The enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) implemented by the Philippine government has been lauded by the World Health Organization.

What Shall We Do When the Ghost Light Dims?

Ricardo Abad

Theater in Post Pandemic Times

Academic Continuity in Times of Crisis

Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo

Academic continuity plans refer to a portfolio of strategies and procedures that ensure the continuity of learning and research during extended school closures.

Navigating Our Well-Being in the Time of COVID-19

Ricardo Abad

In a December 2019 survey done by the Social Weather Stations, 91 percent of Filipinos reported they were “fairly happy” (44 percent) or “very happy.” (47 percent). The remaining 9 percent said they were either “not very happy” or “not happy at all.” What differences appeared among those who said they were “very happy” and those who said otherwise?