Archaeobot: Sandbox Series - 1st Quarter 2023 Company Reports

With their intentions rooted in the advancement of archeological explorations through the use of robotics, Archaeobot wasted no time this year in conceptualizing the ultimate machine to reduce human error and improve accuracy in cataloguing of artifacts during excavations.

Key Highlights:

  • Outlined the main features and functions of the Archaeological Cobotic Explorer (A.C.E.) as the ideal assistant to work alongside humans under the TRACES project
  • Identified the main components required for the robot to operate and the structural framework that will allow the machine to complete its expected tasks
  • Drafted the overall appearance and physical elements to the prototype from the actual explorer, to the mobility system, and finally the washing machine for sieving, cleaning, and bagging

Goal Setting:

Given that ArchaeoBot has clearly defined the critical objectives of their ideal automated assistant, this sets the blueprint for the actual building of what may become an instrumental breakthrough in the science of archaeology in the Philippines.