Bekis in Gleaning: Sandbox Series - 1st Quarter 2023 Company Reports

Coastal gleaning has proven its economic, social, and ecological benefits to local fishing communities thus BEKIS in Gleaning directed their resources to researching the critical threats to this essential custom and to the residents of specific areas that rely on it for supplemental income and nourishment.

Key Highlights:

  • Conducted a site visit in March to connect with the community and to survey the current environment in preparation for actual future engagements and fieldwork
  • Observed that gleaning activities have been limited by multiple threats ranging from environmental conditions such as silt buildup, upstream logging activities, and local ordinances.
  • Prepared a project proposal to be submitted for ethics clearance under the UREO

Goal Setting:

BEKIS in Gleaning will work with the local community and other stakeholders to enhance understanding of, and appreciation for, gleaning and the people that practice it. Through documentation, and by highlighting both biodiversity and ecosystems, and culture and knowledge transmission, the project can potentially contribute to local policy, planning and environmental education.