Hier Project: Sandbox Series - 1st Quarter 2023 Company Reports

In their mission to rehabilitate medical equipment that could continue to provide essential services to various patients, the HIER project has made significant headway this year to getting their operations off the ground and running.

Key Highlights:

  • Finalized all documents including design drafts of their interview tools, informed consent and participant information forms, as well as their application for the review of the Ateneo de Manila University Research Ethics department
  • Communicated directly with interested hospitals located in Oriental Mindoro and have received approval to proceed with a formal visitation of the facilities
  • Assessed a set of oxygen concentrator units to determine their defects and devised a modification plan to repair the machines using 3D printing and off-the-shelf parts at minimal cost

Goal Setting:

While FDA and DOH policies along with government regulations still need to be reviewed, the HIER team remains steadfast in their pursuit of more cost-effective means to repair and sustain life-saving devices for the benefit of our entire local healthcare system.