Laro, Lingap, Laya: 1st Quarter 2023 Company Reports

As an organization that describes themselves as a playground for developing thematic, collaborative spaces within the scope of art, innovative games, and social justice, the Jungle Gym Play Laboratory has been busy putting the necessary gears in place upon joining the Areté Sandbox Residency Program earlier this year.

Key Highlights:

  • Designated internal roles for various projects in line with their year-long festival plan
  • Drafted their calendar of activities and sourced for various collaborators and suppliers in preparation for their main project “Laro, Lingap, Laya: Workshops to Rewild the Theater”
  • Identified the core messaging of their programs and outlined further research, social media marketing, and budgeting around those objectives
  • Playtested rigorously to determine the viability of their ideas

Goal Setting:

In line with their vision, the Jungle Gym Play Laboratory will continue to develop meaningful tools to encourage playful, regenerative and participatory artistic collaboration within the community.