Why is Mommy Late?


Hmm, where could Mommy be? Did she ride on the back of a turtle? Did she swim tree to tree with the monkeys? Or did she fly with an eagle?

Brought to you by Areté and Ateneo de Manila Basic Education, in partnership with Adarna House for Sandaang Salaysay! “Why is Mommy late?” is written by Kristine Cannon and will be read to us by Jenny Ablang and Pearl Anne P. Canlas.

You can listen to the story on Spotify, or stream it for free on Areté Connect.

For Learning Materials: https://arete.ateneo.edu/connect/why-is-mommy-late

Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7IxpMpJGsKhR5q3puFs7zS?si=I_Udv_ZFS1qstDLbUY7ITw

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