Gamify Your Work

Without knowing it, life has become pervasively gamified: points, levels, achievements and bonuses are no longer confined within the borders of a screen. Gamification isn’t just playing video games (though the rewards that we reap from playing them are infinite.) It’s about applying the systems that make them so powerfully engaging — in the academe, in the workplace and everywhere else in life.

This is about the practice of lifting elements, patterns and insights from game design and putting them in place, wherever motivation counts as an important element for success. What makes games fun, the rush we feel when we win — we benefit from understanding this, especially when we are aiming at a goal.

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Octopus&Whale is Game and Brand Experience Design Agency based in Manila. Having worked from anywhere they feel most productive for the last two years, the indie team has integrated gamification in their day-to-day processes to stay focused and attuned as they confront level after level of challenges.

In times of uncertainty, we find solace in each other, and turn to places online that allow us to learn, move, and interact remotely. We are proud to present Areté Connect: an online portal where you can access our programs no matter where you are.