The Light of the Fly


A podcast series of Filipino folk tales brought to us by Areté and the Ateneo de Manila Basic Education.

Today’s podcast story is called “The Light of The Fly”, obtained from the book, Philippine Folklore Stories by John Maurice Miller, and read by Frederick V. Tomas.

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Learning Guide

Prepared by Kristine Anne P. Valdellon.

A. Discussion Questions
Explain the meaning of the last three lines of the poem:

“And from him this lesson may learn:

To keep your eyes open and see the least thing,

And Fortune will come in its turn.

  1. What are small things in life that we may not always pay attention to?
  2. Why is it important to pay attention to small things?

B. Learning Activity
In literature, light is usually a metaphor for clarity, truth, or enlightenment in one’s life.

Who are the guides or lights in your life? Draw a small figure of yourself and Identify these people who are lights in your life by drawing them like fireflies. You can make a crayon etching of them by following the directions below:

  1. Get a piece of thick white paper similar to a poster board.
  2. Color the top half with blue crayon.
  3. Color the bottom half with yellow crayon.
  4. Then color over the blue and yellow parts with black crayon entirely.
  5. With a toothpick, scratch out the black crayon to draw the details of the night sky and the fireflies flying around. Don’t forget to write the names of the fireflies who guide you in your life.

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Source: John Maurice Miller, Philippine Folklore Stories. 1904. Project Gutenberg. Re-released by Global Grey Books 2018

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