Zines and Zine-Making As Mode of Transformative Connection

The practice of zine-making is a form of expression and communication through self-publishing. It goes against mainstream modes of distribution and can be done by anyone. Learn about the origins of this craft and how to create your own zine with Makó Micro-Press.

About the makers:

Makó Micro-Press (https://www.instagram.com/mako.micropress/) is a partnership or an ugnayan that aims to create, cultivate, and sustain counter-hegemonic cultures by having zines and other DIY artworks as the chosen modes of discourse and production.

Support their work by following them and purchasing their stickers and tote bags available onhttps://commonroomph.com/.

About the program:

Areté Makerspace is a program that encourages exploration in both traditional and digital crafting methods. Originally intended to be a series of in-person workshops held in the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Makerspace, the program has been re-imagined in order to continue its goals remotely.

In times of uncertainty, we find solace in each other, and turn to places online that allow us to learn, move, and interact remotely. We are proud to present Areté Connect: an online portal where you can access our programs no matter where you are.