Basic Still Life Drawing with Tish Hautea of Sqooid

Tish Hautea

Tish Hautea is an illustrator, designer, and visual artist.

Sketching and drawing are skills that can be mastered by anyone through constant practice. Join Tish Hautea, the woman behind Sqooid, as she shares her tips on drawing from life.

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Areté Makerspace is a program that encourages exploration in both traditional and digital crafting methods. One of its many goals is to encourage people to learn new skills that empower them to exercise creativity and problem-solving in an environment where it is safe to fail and experiment. Originally intended to be a series of in-person workshops held in the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Makerspace, the program has been re-imagined in order to continue its goals remotely.

About the Author

Tish Hautea is an illustrator, designer, and visual artist. She graduated from the College of Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines, Diliman with a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Communication. She is the owner and artist of the brand Sqooid, where she offers her design and illustration services. As a visual artist, her primary focus is on printmaking which she also teaches as part of art workshops.

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