Silk Screen Printing with Andrei and Sheina Salud

Andrei Salud

Hocus is a brand that takes pride in its locally designed, hand printed textiles. Andrei and his wife Sheina will teach you the basics of the silk screen printing process.

Areté Makerspace is a program that encourages exploration in both traditional and digital crafting methods. One of its many goals is to encourage people to learn new skills that empower them to exercise creativity and problem-solving in an environment where it is safe to fail and experiment. Originally intended to be a series of in-person workshops held in the Eugenio Lopez Jr. Makerspace, the program has been re-imagined in order to continue its goals remotely.

About the Author

I got my associate degree in Visual Communication Management from Mapua IT center in Makati, then studied screen printing and other art studio subjects at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco. I've worked professionally as a graphic artist and later as an art director at an ad agency. I later opened Hocus Newoldbikes and Screen Printing Studio at The Collective in Makati with my wife Sheina, a shop that specialized in restoring and building custom and vintage bicycles back to back with a screen printing studio. Hocus now focuses on design and screen printing, giving monthly workshops, doing commissions, designing prints and producing textile products for retail and wholesale markets. We have printed for local fashion designers, Interior design studios and have products at Common Room and SM Kultura.

In times of uncertainty, we find solace in each other, and turn to places online that allow us to learn, move, and interact remotely. We are proud to present Areté Connect: an online portal where you can access our programs no matter where you are.