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Researching Extra Virgin Coconut Oil with Dr. Toby Dayrit

Dr. Toby Dayrit shares how his initial fascination with medicinal plants led to his ground breaking research on extra virgin coconut oil.

Dr. Fabian Antonio “Toby” Dayrit is a luminary in the world of chemistry, who has been a beacon of knowledge at the Ateneo de Manila University since 1983. Dr. Toby's journey is a testament to his commitment to education, research, and the pursuit of scientific excellence. From his early years as a student at Ateneo de Manila University to obtaining his M.A. and PhD degrees in Chemistry from Princeton University, Dr. Dayrit's academic prowess laid the foundation for a career that has spanned decades. Not only has he been an educator, but he's also been at the forefront of establishing critical institutions that have significantly advanced the capabilities of scientific research in the Philippines. Dr. Dayrit's influence extends beyond the academic realm. As the president of the Integrated Chemists of the Philippines (ICP) since 1995, he has been a driving force in advancing the Chemistry profession in the country. His involvement in various organizations, including the Philippine Council for Advanced Science and Technology Research & Development and the Department of Health, highlights his dedication to the broader scientific community.

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