Sagacious Marcela

Sandaang Salaysay

A podcast series of Filipino folk tales for young people brought to us by Areté and the Ateneo de Manila Basic Education.

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Today’s podcast story is entitled “Sagacious Marcela”, obtained from the book Philippine Popular Tales by Dean S. Fansler. The story will be read by Juan Lorenzo Flojo.


Learning Guide

Prepared by Kristine Anne P. Valdellon and Juan Lorenzo Flojo

A. Discussion Questions

1. Let’s focus on Marcela’s character

  • What aspects of Marcela’s character were emphasized in the story?
  • Do you like her character? Is she someone you would like to meet? Why?
  • How is Marcela similar or different to other female characters that you are familiar with from other stories?

B. Activity

The story can be read as a commentary on how rulers abuse their power. At the same time, the story can also be read as a commentary on the lengths a father (the king) will go to ensure a happy marriage for his child.

1. Group the students and let one group defend the “power” commentary.

2. Another group can defend the “happy marriage” commentary.

3. Have a third group judge which of the first two groups gave the better argument.

File Download

Download link for PDF of Sagacious Marcela

Download This File

Source: Dean S. Fansler, Filipino Popular Tales. Lancaster, PA. and New York: American Folklore Society and G. E. Stechert and Co., 1921. Available from Project Gutenberg.

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