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Why Dogs Wag Their Tails

Brought to you by Areté at Ateneo Basic Education, Why Dogs Wag Their Tails, from the Philippine Folk-Tales written by Clara Kern Bayliss, et al. and read for us by John Kevin S. Samson.

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Learning Guide
Prepared by John Kevin S. Samson and Kristine Anne P. Valdellon

Discussion Question

  1. Why do you think the dog underestimated the cat’s ability to take care of the ring? Did the dog have sufficient reason/s to think so? If you were the dog, would you have also run away or would you have faced the master and explained your side?
  2. Why do you think the master entrusted such a precious gift to the dog and the cat? Why do you think he did not bring the gift to his daughter himself?

Activity Guide

  1. The students can play a simple relay game in the classroom like “Going to the market” or building a tower of paper cups, one cup at a time. The teacher can process the game with the class by asking the following questions:
    1. What did you and your teammates do in order to accomplish the task as best as you can?
    2. What lessons about teamwork and cooperation can be gleaned from this activity and the story itself?
  2. This lesson may also be used for comparison and contrast. The teacher may use a Venn Diagram and ask the students to compare and contrast the traits of the Dog and the Cat. From the diagram they may write a short descriptive paragraph or choose one of the animals and write an analogy paragraph about it.

Source: Philippine Folk-Tales written by Clara Kern Bayliss, et al.200

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Sandaang Salaysay is a podcast series featuring Filipino folktales and short stories for the younger generation, co-created by Areté and Ateneo de Manila Basic Education. This collection of audio episodes aims to cultivate cultural appreciation and literary exploration among the youth.

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