Ten Friends


A podcast series of Filipino folktales and children stories brought to us by Areté and the Ateneo de Manila Basic Education in partnership with Adarna House.

Our podcast story is entitled, Ten Friends. Written by Pipa Escalante and will be read for us by Jenny L. Ablang and David Allen M. Masakayan.

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Listen to the story

Learning Guide

Prepared by Pia Cristina M. Navarrete

  1. Before listening to the story:
    1. Think about it:
      1. What are the names of your friends?
      2. Why are they your friends? What do you do together?
      3. What do you think will happen to the ten friends in the story?
  2. Discussion
    1. Recalling Details
      1. Where did the story happen?
      2. What were the names of the children in the story? What can you say about them?
      3. Why didn’t the children want to play with Karlo? How did this make Karlo feel?
      4. What did Karlo do to become friends again with his classmates?
    2. Reflection
      1. Is it important to have friends? Why?
      2. Do you think friends always get along? Why/ Why not?
      3. What can you do when you fight or don’t get along with your friends?
  3. Individual/Class work (as seen on the worksheet)
    1. Character Profile of all the kids mentioned in the story.
    2. Karlo then and now.
    3. Ten Tips for Karlo
    4. Wanted: A Good Friend

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Source: Ten Friends. Kristine Canon. Adarna House. 2008

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